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Say goodbye to stubborn fat!

Lipo 360 Miami is a safe and effective procedure that helps you lose inches. You can lose significant fat in a short amount of time with this procedure which includes the removal of fat cells by suctioning them out through a small cannula inserted into a needle puncture in the body and sucking out the contents under pressure.

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 or Circumferential Liposuction involves a standard Liposuction on the entire midsection areas, it can include some parts of the body such as the arms, thighs, etc. Managing to improve the complete contour of the region.

What Body Parts Does Lipo 360 Include?

All areas of the midsection, covering 360 degrees around and some part of the body;

  1. Abdomen.
  2. Upper Back.
  3. Lower Back.
  4. Love Handles (flanks).
  5. Waist.
  6. Arms.
  7. Buttocks.
  8. Outer Thighs.
  9. Inner Thighs.

Lipo 360 is a Treatment For Obesity?

Lipo 360 or Circumferential Liposuction is not a cure-all for weight loss problems. It is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise.

Am I candidate for Lipo 360?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for Lipo 360 is to consult with your physician. They will be able to give you the best answer. If you’re considering this procedure, there are a few things that you should know before making any decisions. There are also things that you can do to help yourself prepare for the procedure and increase your chances of getting the desired results.

You may be a good Lipo 360 candidate if:

  • You are in good physical and psychological health.
  • You are concerned about your appearance.
  • Individuals with a positive attitude and realistic goals about what Lipo 360 can achieve.
  • People committed to a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition.
  • Non smokers.
  • Be aware of the possible risks and complications.

What is The Ideal Age For Lipo 360?

The ideal age for Lipo 360 depends on each person. As a general rule, people in their 18-65 are the most common candidates.

When Can I Get Lipo 360?

You can undergo these cosmetic surgery procedures if you are over the age of 18 and are bothered by the appearance of your abdomen and the shape of your body caused by fat.

How Much Does Lipo 360 Cost in Miami?

The cost of Lipo 360 in Florida ranges from $2,500 to $8,000, the average price of this aesthetic procedure can vary depending on the number of sites or parts of the body to be treated and the amount of fat that needs to be removed, the doctor, the clinic etc.

Lipo 360 Cost in Miami May Include

Lipo 360 costs in Miami may include a variety of services:

  1. Surgical facility.
  2. Anesthesia.
  3. Medical tests.
  4. Surgeon’s fee.
  5. Post surgery garments.
  6. Prescriptions for medication.
  7. Etc.

Financing Miami Lipo 360

At Seduction Cosmetic, you can get financing options that let you get the body you’ve always wanted, but never thought you could afford. Our payment plans are flexible, making it easy to find a plan that fits your budget.

What Are The Benefits of 360 Lipo?

Even people with a “normal” body weight can have too much fat in some areas, leading to bulges and an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Lipo 360 can give you the body of your dreams: a sculpted figure, smoother shape, and more confident you.

There are several benefits of undergoing 360 Lipo procedure, including:

  1. More confidence.
  2. More attractive appearance.
  3. Lipo 360 is a Safe Removal of Fat.
  4. Revealing Muscle Tone.
  5. Minimal Recovery Time.
  6. Permanently Removes Fat Cells.
  7. Improve Your Health.
  8. Remove Fat That Even Diet and Exercise Can’t.
  9. Etc.

What Should I Discuss During a Lipo 360 Consultation?

These are just a few topics that you will want to discuss with your surgeon during your consultation:

  • Why do you want to undergo 360 Lipo surgery?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What is the result you want?
  • What allergies do you have?
  • Are there any medications you are currently taking?
  • What medical treatments have you had in the past?
  • If you are taking any current medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
  • Questions to gauge your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.
  • What are the possible results of 360 Lipo, any risks or possible complications involved?
  • And any other information that may be useful for your 360 Lipo procedure.

What Should I Ask The Plastic Surgeon About Lipo 360?

Make sure you know everything there is to know about a 360 Lipo as well as your surgeon.

  • Do you have any certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform surgery?
  • How many years of plastic surgery training do you have?
  • Am I a good candidate for 360 Lipo?
  • Where and how will my Lipo 360 be performed?
  • Do you have before and after photos of Lipo 360 that I can see and what results are reasonable for me?
  • What could be the risks and complications of my Lipo 360 surgery?
  • How can I handle complications?
  • And any other questions you have.

What Are The Risks of Lipo 360?

If you are considering Lipo 360, then you should know what the risks are.

The risks vary from minimal to high depending on the person and the specific procedure they are going through. One of the most serious risks is infection which can result in a hospital stay and treatment with antibiotics.

Lipo 360 Risk May Include

  • Anesthesia risks.
  • Fluid accumulation.
  • Infection.
  • Persistent pain.
  • Bruising.
  • Change in skin sensation.
  • Irregular contours.
  • Asymmetries.
  • Thermal burn from ultrasound.
  • Prolonged swelling.

How to Prepare for Lipo 360

Before, during and after your Lipo 360 surgery, a lot of things could happen so it’s important to be prepared.

Talk to your doctor about the procedure and follow their instructions. Make sure you have somebody who will drive you to and from surgery and stay with you the first few nights after surgery.

Recovering From Lipo 360

Recovering from this type of surgery is different for each patient. After your Lipo 360 procedure is finished, compression garments or elastic bandages may be placed on the treated areas for a few days to reduce swelling.

To relieve fluid or blood that may collect, sometimes small thin tubes are placed below the skin to allow drainage. After you are stabilized, you will be taken to a recovery area where you will be carefully monitored to ensure your safety. You may be allowed to go home after spending a few hours here.

It may take up to several months for the swelling to go back down. It is important to listen and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Affordable Lipo 360 Procedure in Florida

For years, the thought of Lipo 360 had been too expensive for most people. However, with our affordable Lipo 360 procedure in Florida, we are able to make this process more accessible to those who need it most.

Cheap Lipo 360 Miami, FL

The dangers of cheap 360 Lipo in Miami can be very serious. It is important to find qualified surgeons who are board-certified in plastic surgery. It is not worth the health risks and complications that can result from this cheap procedure.

Will Insurance Cover The Lipo 360 Procedure?

Some insurance companies are more favorable than others when it comes to covering cosmetic surgery. Your best option is to call the office and speak with the staff. They can help you understand what your insurance does and does not cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lipo 360 includes the entire back or some areas depending on the needs of each person.

Some surgeons recommend having a body mass index (BMI) of 36 or less. Each doctor has criteria and preferences about (BMI). Talk to your doctor to find out if you are a candidate for Lipo 360.

The average amount of fat that can be removed with 360 liposuction is six to eight pounds (three to four liters).

It may take several months for the swelling to go away completely. As it fades, your new contours and improved self-image must continue to develop.

There is always a minimum percentage of risk in any surgery. To reduce the risks of Lipo 360 it is important to find qualified surgeons who are board-certified in plastic surgery.

Lipo 360 surgeons in Miami FL

The best Lipo 360 surgeons in Miami can be found here At Seduction Cosmetic. We have a team of doctors to give you the highest safety standards and optimal results for your body.

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