Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami is proud to announce the launch of the all-new Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami website here at!

Why Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami?

This is obviously a very subjective question, but it’s an understandable question to ask.  Plastic surgery of any kind is an important decision, and aesthetic plastic surgery is no exception.  All things being equal, the bottom line really boils down to how comfortable you, personally, feel with the aesthetic plastic surgeon who will perform your desired procedure.  However, all things are not equal.  So, let’s take a quick look at important factors that we feel should point you in our direction.

  • Experience – The more documented experience with successful procedures, the more comfortable you should feel.
  • Training – When it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery, you simply just can’t have enough of it in this industry.  When choosing the right aesthetic plastic surgeon, ask for a list of the training and education they’ve received, and perhaps are still receiving.  Are they staying up-to-date with the latest trends? In other words, he is one of the elite aesthetic plastic surgeons looked from whom others learn!
  • Associations – When doctors in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery tout their associations and/or accreditations, they aren’t just bragging.  Being recognized and/or accredited by prestigious associations in this industry are key to assuring patients that you’re in good hands.
  • Recognized as Industry “Authority” – If you’re going to make the investment into improving the aesthetics of your body, why not have someone perform the work for you who not only has an ample amount of training, education and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery, but someone who actually is a recognized authority in the industry?
  • Personality “Jives” With Yours:  This one is obviously a much more “subjective” condition, but it really is important that you feel comfortable with your aesthetic plastic surgeon.  If you don’t seem to me making that all-important “connection” with your doctor, it’s likely that communications will be at least somewhat strained.  While considering aesthetic plastic surgery, you don’t want there to be any strain in communication whatsoever.

Ongoing Upgrades

At the time of this announcement, several sections of the website are still under construction.  However, here is what we have in store from you in the coming weeks:

  • Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures
  • Educational and information helping you to educate yourself on aesthetic plastic surgery and other aspects of your body’s health so that you can make informed decisions about taking care of the aesthetics of your body.
  • An entire Patient Resources section, allowing you to come to our offices prepared with all of the paperwork you need.
  • Newsletter – this is something coming in the future, but we’re pretty excited about the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami Newsletter.  Informative articles and news about aesthetic plastic surgery.  Great things to come here!
  • Out-Of-Town Patients Program – We are putting together packages to offer our out-of-town patients, so that they can really enjoy the beauty of Miami while taking care of their aesthetic needs.  What better place to do this than in the paradise of Miami, Florida?
  • Much more!