Vice Fund (Symbol: VICEX) Expands Its Roots

Vice Fund’s Four Core Sectors: Alcohol, Gaming, Tobacco, and Defense DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2022 / — Way back in August of 2002, The Vice Fund launched and became what we believe to be a household name quickly. One of the first in its “sin stock” category, the Vice Fund received all kinds […]

New Research Links CBD to SIRT pathway for Longevity

New Research on CBD and SIRT for longevity New research looks at how CBD affects a key pathway under intense interest for aging This “markup” changes as we age and removing these edits is the basis behind big tech’s move into the longevity space with Altos labs (Bezos), Calico (Google), and many more.” — Dennis […]

Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered that two key cellular structures published in the journal Nature

This electron microscopy image from the study shows an inter-organelle membrane contact site (identified with yellow arrows) forming between a mitochondrion (M) and lysosome (L), which simultaneously also contacts the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Dimitri Krainc, MD, PhD, the Aaron Montgomery Ward Professor and chair of The Ken and Ruth Davee Department of Neurology, was the […]

GenieMD and Chronomics Announce Partnership to Offer In-Home CLIA-certified Lab Services alongside Virtual Care Platform

Democratizing Healthcare Reducing friction, meeting the patient where they are at, reducing costs and maximizing the overall experience.
Chronomics allows GenieMD to leverage an international network of CLIA certified labs to provide in home on-demand and mail-order specimen collection services.” — Thomas Foley, Chief Growth Officer, GenieMD DANVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2022 / […]

The TeleDentists Launches First Dental-Medical Integration Platform

Dental-Medical Integration The TeleDentists The TeleDentists is the top, nationwide, teledental company in the United States. The TeleDentists Launches First Dental-Medical Integration Platform “This is a giant step towards addresses value-based care. You can’t have good health without good oral health,” Dr. Maria Kunstadter, Co-Founder and CEO of The TeleDentists.” — Dr. Maria Kunstadter BOSTON, […]

@Donovan Sharpe and @FreshandFit Discuss Mia Khalifa Starting An Only Fans With @Stirling Cooper

Enter to Win a FREE CME Virtual Ticket at Winners are chosen at random May 2nd, May 9th and May 16th 2022. Attend the Conference of Masculine Excellence May 19-22, 2022 – Miami, Florida – Get Tickets at ** VIRTUAL TICKETS NOW ON SALE!!! ** Mia Khalifa predictably started an OnlyFans to supplement her income […]

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