Sleep Apnea treatments offered by Dillon Dental Care

Dillon Family Dentistry Dr. David Dillon from Dillon Family Dentistry announced about an innovative treatment they offer for Sleep Apnea at Bryn Mawr, PA. BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, May 6, 2022 / — David Dillon, DMD has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years on the Main Line at the Rosemont-based family practice – Dillon […]

OXOS Receives FDA Clearance For First of Its Kind AI-Automated Radiation Dose Engine

The Micro C being used for a hand x-ray Micro C with AiLARA AiLARA determines the appropriate x-ray settings to minimize radiation exposure for high-quality, low dosage diagnostic images. This is analogous to using the “auto” setting on a digital camera, enabling operators to use the Micro C in a point-and-shoot capacity—an industry-first for radiographic […]