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Next Generation Miami Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami provides everything you need to achieve the aesthetic beauty you want from your body through aesthetic plastic surgery and related Miami plastic surgery services and procedures.  While we obviously perform aesthetic plastic surgery procedures here, our products and services don’t end with aesthetic plastic surgery.  Our complete plastic surgery Miami services include surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, even advanced plastic surgery Miami skin care products for optimum skin care and maintenance… all under one roof right here at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami!  Our practice, including the procedures, related services and products are truly designed to provide you the highest plastic surgery Miami style experience!

Cutting Edge Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an important personal decision. You can rest assured that our highly-trained staff of professionals are committed to properly educating patients using the latest information available on aesthetic plastic surgery. Every year Dr. Garcia participates in numerous national and international plastic surgery conferences in order to offer our patients the latest technology and innovations in the industry.

Plastic Surgery Miami

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami is located in the lobby of the luxurious Merrick Pointe Building, conveniently situated in close proximity to the Village of Merrick Park shopping venues. The reception staff is well versed in all of the administrative aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery. From a simple phone call reminding a local patient of an upcoming appointment to arranging transportation and lodging for the families of our international patients, these courteous staff members are fully capable of attending to all of the details associated with a visit to the office. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami’s patient care staff  has over 25 years combined experience in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.  These caring professionals are totally committed to the well being and satisfaction of our patients.

Over the years, Onelio Garcia has performed plastic surgery on thousands of local, national and international patients. Their frequent referrals of family members and friends are a testimonial to their positive experience with Onelio Garcia and his practice at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Miami.

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