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CLIO Awards 2014 Google Realtor Miami Ad School of Advertising Visual Arts Graphic Design

CLIO Awards
Entrant Company: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg
Award: Shortlist
Year: 2014
Medium: Student Digital/Social
Entry Type: Student
Category: Student Digital/Social
Copywriter: Malu Lara Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg
Art Director: Bruno Coffler Miami Ad School
School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg

You don’t see the world like most people. As a kid, you saw shapes of dogs, birds, monsters—while your friends saw only fluffy clouds. Sometimes being different made you feel cursed when, really, you’re blessed. It’s the creative minds that saw new things, invented tools, made discoveries. Since the dawn of history, it’s dreamers who’ve changed the world.

So, yes, you’re creative. You’re a dreamer. You’re resourceful. Because you found us, right? You did some research and asked around. Then, likely someone in the industry suggested you Google “Best Advertising Schools” to find Miami Ad School, one of the leading advertising schools in the world.

US Locations
New York
San Francisco

Miami Ad School: No mumbo jumbo. Hands-on, real life-like assignments, and feedback on your work from people who rock it in the real world.

Miami Ad School’s global network of schools is hardly a mom & pop operation, but there is a Mom & Dad of Miami Ad School. Ron & Pippa Seichrist gave birth to this innovative concept in 1993 and are still very involved in the constant evolution of the school. We partner with the industry to create the most unique portfolio program possible that reflects the latest needs of global advertising agencies and brands. The atmosphere is a little kooky, but when you walk into a Miami Ad School anywhere in the world, you’ll feel at home. You’ll be surrounded by friendly people gathered in small groups brainstorming ideas or concepting over a game of ping pong. Chances are you’ll also be met by a happy wagging dog. As a student, you enter a very large, close family and graduate over prepared with a great portfolio and global, real-world experience.

International School of Visual Arts & Digital Photography School


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