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Claudia N. Johnson, Spiritual Medium and Founder of to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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LITCHFIELD, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2022 / — Everyone is psychic; we can choose to develop our abilities to feel connected to the Universe, family and friends in spirit, to protect or heal, sometimes helping others in a profound way.

Claudia Johnson says, “Everyone I know has a story about precognitive knowledge, like a dream or feeling that was maybe the opposite of what was expected, yet it came true.”

Today, Claudia is a practitioner and spiritual teacher, drawing on her experience to provide opportunities for others to develop their own psychic and healing abilities, and grow their spiritual gifts with confidence.

Since 1985, Claudia has been privileged to work with some of the best psychics and mediums in the world. Her mediumship work includes energy healing, evidential and trance mediumship, and teaching.

Claudia knows what it is like to feel unsure of the accuracy of your intuitive information, or feel frustrated, not knowing how to give someone information you are sensing that could be very important. She moves you from fear to fulfillment, as you learn to express your spiritual gifts with integrity, confidence, and accuracy.

Claudia is a master at helping you access the answers within, and loves the challenge of helping each individual recognize, value, and grow your unique gifts, with tried-and-tested methods to build practical skills. She guides and inspires you as you work through any fears about your responsibility, how to channel energy and information, or make choices about how to use your gifts.

Claudia endeavors to always channel the highest spiritual guidance and healing possible to bring you healing and comfort, move your life forward, accelerate your personal growth, and provide evidence from Spirit that our lives continue on in the unseen world.

Claudia relays messages from Spirit that can help ease the complex process of grieving. Precious memories often bring healing laughter and tears, that move mourners to understanding and forgiveness.

“My job is to offer people an experience, not change their beliefs. I relay spirit messages truthfully in a way that is compassionate, loving, kind, wise, and has integrity, because the goal of a reading is always to leave the recipient of the message with hope, and the spirit communicators with peace.”

Claudia says, “Feeling is Believing,” because when you feel it, no one can tell you your experience isn’t real.

Her next Online Class called, “The Super Hero Workout for Psychics” starts on National Super Hero Day, this Thursday, April 28th, at 1pm CDT. Claudia’s 6 classes are designed to energize and ground your psychic and emotional sensitivity, so you can create more fulfillment and success in your life!

Close Up Radio will feature Claudia N. Johnson in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on April 26th at 1pm EDT

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