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Lillian Williams of Green Mountain Medium to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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RUTLAND, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2022 / — Close Up Radio today announced it will feature Lillian Williams of Green Mountain Medium in an exclusive one-on-one interview with host Doug Llewelyn on March 22nd at 12pm EST.

Green Mountain Medium Lillian Williams and Spirit are a divine partnership. Lillian has a profound connection to the other side and the ability draw wisdom directly from source.

Lillian is known as an Heyoka Empath. Innately she is a Direct intuitive and emotional Mirror to everyone and everything she encounters. Lillian also possesses the six spiritual senses.

“Green Mountain Medium is my connection to spirit and things unheard and unknown,” says Lillian. “I just let spirit come out and be free, and I let spirit guide me to heal.”

Like many people with this gift, Lillian began a relationship with Spirit from a young age.

“I spent my entire childhood just wanting to be normal. I didn’t really fit in because I was trying too hard. I finally realized that no, whether it be romantic or platonic relationships, or simply acquaintances in school, I was always trying to find myself in somebody else. I finally took a stepped back and realized that no, I had everything I ever needed within myself.

Lillian says without her connection to Spirit, she does not know where she would be right now.

“With the Great Good Spirit of the universe by my side I found my greatest light in my darkest hours,” says Lillian. “I now unapologetically shine my own inner Light out into the world in hopes I can act as a Spiritual light house for those lost in the sea of life. I lead others through their darkness and into their own inner light. My abilities have not only saved my life, but the lives of those near and dear to me, and will continue to save the lives of countless others.”

Lillian is one of the youngest people ever featured on Close Up Radio, but do not be fooled: her soul is an ancient and wise one whose sight pierces through the illusions of time, death and man.

“At the end of the day Mediumship is Me. There is no separation, it is literally how my brain is wired. Green Mountain Medium was me and my pure to Spirit long before it ever became my business.”

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