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MAH Healthcare Plans to Launch the Digital Doctor App

originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

The Digital Doctor App is a Tool to Measure Health Risk Scores and Monitor Medication Adherence

ESTONIA, March 25, 2022 / — Estonia-based Healthcare Company MAH Healthcare announces the launch of the Digital Doctor App shortly, which is a step towards the company’s plan to digitalize the healthcare industry. Digital Doctor App will assist its user in ameliorating his/her health by suggesting lifestyle choices, predicting disease at an early stage, and preventing disease progression through measuring various health risk scores. Not only that, but this App also integrates a self-care medication record tracker.

Measuring Body Mass Index (BMI) and various risk scores such as Cardiac Risk Score, Diabetes Risk Score, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Risk Score and Kidney Disease Risk Score, the user will be able to assess his/her health status and probable health risks. In addition, suggestions based on this scoring will guide the patient to take preventive care and seek further consultation.

Adherence to the prescribed medication schedule, that is, taking medicines exactly as prescribed by a doctor is essential for the effective treatment of disease. However, keeping track of such a medication schedule can be difficult, especially if various medicines have to be taken at different times of the day. Digital Doctor App will reduce this difficulty by giving reminders at the correct time and of the correct dosage. The App maintains all the vital information such as the name of the medicine, type of the medicine, dosage, time at which the medicine has to be taken and the food with which the medicine has to be taken. In addition, it will keep a record of medication intake and calculate the regularity score of taking medicine. An innovative way is built-in in this App by MAH Healthcare to motivate a patient to avoid missing his/her medication by offering incentive in the form of bitcoins as a reward for following regular medication and updating the same in the App.

Speaking about the launch of the Digital Doctor App and what it means for the Healthcare Industry, Mayur Gohel of MAH Healthcare said, “MAH healthcare OU has the vision to create a healthcare solution that helps in tracking and preventing diseases at an early stage and digitalize the healthcare records using state-of-the-art technology. Our business plan includes connecting patients, doctors, insurance companies, healthcare research companies, pharmacies on a common scalable platform. The development of the App is under the able guidance of AI consultant Dr. Mayuri Mehta, who has a wide research experience in AI-powered healthcare solutions. She has 7 patents, 2 published books and several research articles in healthcare domain to her credit. We have plans to on-board 400000+ patients within a year of the launch of our product and daily transaction throughput of 18000+ transactions.”

About MAH Healthcare OU

MAH Healthcare OU is an Estonia-based, rapidly growing Healthcare IT company with the vision of creating brand value in the healthcare industry. MAH intends to expand its service offerings across the healthcare industry. It leverages innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Defi, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Contracts. MAH Healthcare OU decentralizes the access to and ownership of medical records while presenting patients with a scalable, eminently compatible, secure, and interoperable platform. In addition, it allows patients and medical practitioners to get Incentivized based on their medical-related financial needs.

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