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Mom Seeking Infant Formula Faces Empty Shelves, Defective Product Recalls and Potentially Life-threatening Side Effects

It’s hard to make a wise choice as a parent when given few if any, good choices

That leaves Parents around the country spending endless hours searching to find infant formula, often in vain.”

— Robert K. Scott, Advocate Law Group P.C.

SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2022 / — For Mothers of newborns — and especially for Mothers of premature and low-birthrate newborns — finding infant formula for their babies has become increasingly difficult. As widely reported in the press, Retail store infant formula shelves have been empty due, in part, to a shortage of ingredients attributed to supply-chain issues. To make matters worse, earlier this year Abbott Nutrition recalled three brands of powdered formulas: Similac®, Similac Alimentum®, and Elecare®.

“That leaves Parents around the country spending endless hours searching to find infant formula, often in vain.” said Robert K. Scott, Senior Principal of Advocate Law Group P.C., “But finding one or more brands on the shelves leaves parents with even bigger questions. Which brand do I choose? Is it safe for my baby? Are there any side effects? Unfounded fears? Hardly, companies don’t spend millions of dollars recalling products that they know are safe.”

While empty shelves and defective products are major concerns, there is an even bigger issue to worry about … side effects that may cause serious illness requiring major surgical intervention or even result in death among premature and low birthweight babies. This issue has resulted in thousands of infant formula lawsuits. Parents around the country have filed lawsuits against Mead Johnson’s Enfamil® and Abbott Laboratories Similac® because they claim these companies knew or should have known, that their cow’s milk-based baby formula products could cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature and low birth weight infants. And further, these companies failed to warn parents and medical providers about the risk.

Advocate Law Group P.C. is honored to represent parents of babies that have been seriously injured by the failure of these manufacturers to warn them of the risks. We believe it is important to issue this notice as a public service to alert the tens of thousands of parents who might not be aware of the very specific dangers cow’s milk-based baby formula products pose to a low birthrate and premature infants.

Parents of low birth weight or premature infants who are currently using, or have used, Enfamil® or Similac® are encouraged to check with their healthcare provider to ensure that they are an acceptable choice for their child. If your child has been affected by NEC, you should seek an experienced law firm to ensure that your rights, and those of your child, are protected. You may contact Advocate Law Group P.C. for a free, confidential evaluation at (link) or by calling Advocate at 888-ITS-LEGAL (888-487-5342).

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